Who the hell is Bucky?
Danielle. 17. Bisexual.
Captain America is life.
For the whole of ‘The X Factor’ I didn’t have a solo which, for me, was a tough pill to swallow.I was delighted but at the same time, couldn’t really understand why I was in the band. That was really low, that feeling of not having a purpose, of just being along for the ride. Louis-Where We Are book (x)

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why is harry afraid to post selfies like he never posts them he either takes a group selfie or no selfie at all is it because zayn banned him from taking selfies because zayn is the leader he probably banned harry from wearing hoop earrings too because thats also his thing and it doesn’t matter if harry’s mom bought him white gold hoop earrings zayn doesn’t give a shit

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1D you have no ownership of any women if she leaves you then it’s her choice not an act of theft by another person. imma still bop to it tho…imma still bop to it

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once 1d af always 1d af

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Louis was making Jon summarize the show in eleven words and Harry was casually fonding in the corner.
21.9.14 San Antonio, Texas. Photo by me.


Tell it, Randy.

Randy said fuck your bullshit


I’m so excited for the album itself to come out because the non-singles are always better than the singles let me jam to the good songs

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me: 1d owns this ass

1d: she belongs to me

me: um excuse you i belong to no one but myself

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Harry: my sexuality? oh I’m *truck honks horn as it passes by* 

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